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Successful Behavior Change August 31, 2006

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The Four Levels of  People’s Readiness for
Successful Behavior Change

(James Prochaska,University of Rhode Island

  1. Oblivious—can’t see the problem; deny that they need to change, resist change efforts.
  2. Contemplation—see the need for improvement and think about how to do it. They will talk about it but are not yet ready to do it.  A person can get stuck in this phase for a long time just thinking about change.
  3. Preparation—focus on solution—action plan; aware of problem, see ways to solve it and anticipate doing it.  May be propelled to this stage of readiness by talk with supervisor, disaster, personal crisis.  This is the time for a detailed action plan.
  4. Action–visible change begins.  The plan is embraced, practiced, and actions begin to change.

Where are we each at in the change process?  Are we still stuck at step 2, contemplation?  It is past time to move forward.  Get that action plan completed and start taking action.  Our library needs us now.




1. Phyllis - August 31, 2006

Feeling a bit frustrated????

I agree that many are stuck on contemplation. Is there a stage 1 1/2? A bit past oblivious in that one may see the need for change, but is more likely giving lipservice to the idea than being fully committed. The need for change is more likely to be noted in someone else than in ourself.

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