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Librarian in Door County September 1, 2006

Posted by sharynheili in Uncategorized.

Okay, I am in Door County and my brothers (who I am vacationing with) tell me that I am on the computer too much. They claim that I shouldn’t be working while I am vacation.  But they also give me a hard time for wanting to visit all the lighthouses and libraries that I can.

 What they don’t realize is that while my mind is free to wander on vacation, it flies in a lot of creative ways and I have to get those ideas out.  They also do not understand that just because I am on vacation does not mean that I suspend being a librarian. It is at the essence of my being and my mind is always thinking, looking for ways to keep the library vital in everyone’s lives, discovering new ways to reach, serve, and wow our customers.

I am a librarian in Wausau and in Door County, in Ireland,  and wherever I roam. I am a Librarian and I am proud and happy tht I am. 



1. Phyllis - September 1, 2006

Hey girl, let your mind relax for a bit and enjoy the lighthouses!

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