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Once Upon a Library October 13, 2006

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Once upon a time in a far away place, there was a land with rushing water so beautiful, that many loggers came, built beautiful homes and brought their families.  But over time,  even this beautiful magical place could not enchant them.  They felt something very important was missing from their lives, something so important that  it felt as if a piece of their heart was left behind. 

 They longed to hear of other places, learn how to make things, and hear and read stories of other people who were not like them.   They longed to share what they knew and read about it with others.  

Some of the men got together and began sharing  books with each other.  The women thought that this was a good thing and they wanted to do it too.  So they offered to make the books available to everyone alike, no matter who they were.   So they gathered the books in one place, took in new books that people offered, and let everyone use them. 

But they had very little money for new books, or to keep the books in one place. So the books had to be moved from place to place.  The people got tired of this, so they talked to the City fathers, asking them to help them make such wonderful things available to everyone.   Finally the City Fathers saw fit to give them a token amount of money to help, but it still was not enoough and the people were not happy. 

They knew that they not only needed a place to house the books,  but they also needed a place for people, old and young alike to freely gather, exchange ideas, share stories;  a place that was free for them to be and think however they wanted.  They were so excited they could hardly contain themselves with these thoughts. 

They heard of a man in another far away place who was giving money away to build such wonderful places as this.  So they wrote to him and asked if he would give them this money to make their dreams, and the dreams of all the people real.  He said that he would if they had some sacred land to build upon.   A man in the community named Alexander stepped forward bravely and said that he would give the land to build if they would always have a beautiful park alongside it.  They promised that it would.

So they found a man named Maher who drew up some plans and soon the building commenced. In 1907 it was completed.  What a grand and beautiful place it was, with beautiful flower beds and even a fish pond!  There was finally a free place for everyone to gather, discuss, share their knowledge, and think freely. 

And everyone was content and very happy, for now at long last they had a Library–a beautiful, wonderful Library.  And they all lived hapily ever after.





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