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Where Our Customers Are November 10, 2006

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Marathon County Public Libary 

Tonight while I was posting photos of our  library’s new customer area, created after we relocated shelves of reference books, I noticed that a comment was already made on Flickr on one photo. 

This is a clear demonstration of how libraries and librarians have to be active participants in the Web 2.0 world.  We need to be in our customers’ space, which is really after all our space too, and create a dialogue with our users.  They are obviously ready, willing, and eager to talk to us.  We better be eager and ready to talk to them on their terms, in their way, in their space!  Besides, what a great way to toot our horn and demonstrate how exciting and vibrant libraries are.

The picture above is of Ruth and Kitty who worked hard to decorate this area with a limited budget.  They put their heart and soul into it, moving  furniture, shopping, sewing curtains, talking to decorators. View the other photos on Flickr here




1. Patrick - November 16, 2006

If only they could paint those horrid white walls…

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