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Rock On In 2007 January 16, 2007

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Ah, the Sirsi Dynix newsletter was just what I needed today after returning to my library after being sick with what the clinic called the “Flavor of the Day”. 

Stephen Abram’s article titled “It’s a New Year-2007!  How Do We Sustain Motivation?” is just the ticket to get me excited, enthusiastic and revved up to rock in the New Year.  And to think I thought that this local bug zapped my energy! 

Libraries are wonderful places and spaces– places to learn and dream and be all you can be; places where everyone is equal and free to be!  We are great,  and it is good to remember that;  remember our mission; what we stand for, what we poudly declare to the world, why we became a librarian and why this is still the greatest profession in the world.

Stephen Abram’s challenges us once again; “to pilot, experiment, try, share, steal good ideas, and take more risks.  It’s the last one that’s hard for libraries.  We’ve been good at stealing other good ideas, but to be the first–to get out there and take risks is a big leap of faith for many libraries. 

He suggests Nine Key Lens Shifts:

  1. Google is sort of answering questions, but we are the experts.  We have the power.  We understand information, community and learning, but we need to lead and forge ahead.
  2. Streaming Media collections, YouTube film Fests–if we build them they will come.
  3. User-generated content, like Wiki’s–see the potential, use the potential, realize the power.
  4. Instant Messaging–it’s so much better than email, and meets our users in their preferred communication mode, instead of insisting that they use our preferred mode.
  5. Blogs–they are about conversation, opinions.  Blogging makes us closer to our users and potential users.  They are a great force to help us make the kind of library people want and are willing to support!
  6. Second Life, Gaming–Exciting places, places again where our users are.  Yes, there’s a library in Second Life and it is discoverable. 
  7. Picture Sharing sites–they are so popular and give us a way to showcase our wares and communicate with users.  And things like Flickr Toys give us so many cool things to use and have fun with.
  8. Social Networking–MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo, Academici–have we all visited these spaces;  are we in the picture; are we communicating with our users here?
  9.  There are so many new, exciting technologies emerging that it’s hard to keep up with life in the fast lane.  But as Abram’s states, the “sum of our efforts will be transformational in the world of libraries”.  We have enormous potential to share, collaborate,  and learn.  We need to grab on, enjoy the ride, and shine!

Take risks,  and make our libraries the coolest destination on the planet!  2007 and our customers await, but they they won’t wait for us forever.  Carpe Diem;  Rock On!

See Stephen Abram’s complete article here.




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