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21st Century Leaders January 26, 2007

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What Makes a 21st Century Leader?  Carol Tice shared some ideas in her article in February’s Entrepreneur magazine titled,  “Building the 21st Century Leader”. 

Key traits that today’s “Enlightened Warrior” needs in the leadership toolkit are:

  • Adaptability–change is the norm; the whole organization needs to be designed for adaptability.
  • Self-Awareness–look within, assess strengths, improve weak areas, and root out negative patterns
  • People Skills–demonstrate that your employees are your top priority
  • Decisiveness–fast action is what matters at the current pace of change.
  • Collaborative Skills–foster idea exchanges among all corners of the organization and beyond–get out of your own silo

 Traits that younger Gen X and Y workers want from leaders are:

  • Authenticity
  • Accessibility
  • Respect for individuality
  • Personal credit for organizationtional results   

Cucial leadership skills that have not changed are: 

  • Walk the Walk–lead the organization the way that you want others to emulate when you aren’t there.  Be a stong role model for staff.
  • Innovate–design a system to share new ideas and move them forward;  think outside the box.
  • Execute, Execute, Execute–vision does not drive execution; develop an operations strategy and execute that strategy.

See her complete article here.




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