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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings March 6, 2007

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Mary Pargenders March “Working Knowledge” column shares some good tips for planning and facilitating meetings.  I know that if I can’t say “good meeting” at the end of a meeting and go away feeling that I really got something out of it, the meeting probably was a waste of my time and our library’s tight budget.  

Pargender’s tips for conducting and participating in good meetings:

  1. Make sure the meeting has a purpose beyond just sharing information.
  2. Create an agenda, share it with participants,  and make minutes widely available.
  3. Ensure that discussions encompass a wide range of views.
  4.  Rotate meeting facilitators so everyone develops their skills.
  5. Consider the best meeting place–in person or virtual; time and uninterruptable meeting location are important.
  6. Give participants a copy of the agenda so that they can come prepared to discusss and take action.
  7. For action to happen, provide deadlines for action and link people with projects/ideas before ending the meeting. 
  8. Record key decisons, discussion, and reponsible parties.
  9. Look at the value of meetings to the organization.  How much do they cost in staff time?  Are they worth it?

See Mary Pargender’s column here.




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