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Movers and Shakers Media Diet March 26, 2007

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Library Journal Movers and Shakers Library Journal’s  March 15 issue includes “Movers and Shakers 2007”—people who are shaping the future of librares.  A list of what they are reading, viewing, and experimenting with is included.  Their varied selections are more inclusive than just library literature–Fast Company magazine, The Tao of Leadership, Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, Lessons from the Nordstrom Way, Audacity of Hope, Power of Reading, Small is the New Big, Convergence Culture, Telling Ain’t Training, Ten Faces of Innovation, Googlepedia, Windows Vista (the Missing Manual), national public radio, and the virtual world of Second Life are among their interests.

What we expose our minds to engages us and opens our creativity—helps us think outside the box, and challenges and leads us in new directions so that we can be a Mover and Shaker at our library.  Feast on the complete “Movers’ Media Diet” here.




1. Andrew - July 12, 2007

thanks guys… it’s cool.

2. Diet Forum - July 26, 2007

Very usefull info… thank you

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