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Best Marketing and Branding Colors May 20, 2007

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As many libraries are “reinventing” their physical spaces,  this article about the power of color for business by Jim Howard, Heather Kirk and Chris Howard, authors of the book Branded for Success might help.  Here’s an abbreviated list:

  •  White – innocence, purity, peace and contentment; clean and sterile; cool and refreshing; calming, stabilizingJuggling balls influence.
  • Black – power color– strength, potency, authority, boldness, seriousness, stability and elegance; “too much can be ominous”.
  • Gray or Silver – conservative, traditional; symbolizes high tech and suggests authority, practicality, earnestness and creativity.
  • Gold – wealth; very classy.
  • Blue –  sanctuary and fiscal responsibility; inspires confidence; second most powerful color.
  • Red – stimulates appetites, commands attention; “symbolizes heat, fire, blood, love, warmth, power, excitement, energy, strength, passion, vitality, risk, danger and aggressiveness”.
  • Yellow – spiritual color; warning, happiness and warmth. 
  • Green – color of money and nature.; calming,
  • Brown – nature and the earth; warmth and coziness;  richness, politeness, helpfulness;  solid, credible, mature and reliable.
  • Orange – vibrancy, warmth and contentment; sense of fun and excitement; health, pleasure, cheer, endurance, generosity and ambition. 
  • Pink –  feminine color; gentleness, romance, well being and innocence.
  • Purple – royalty and luxury; spirituality and sophistication;  in lavender shades-feminine and romantic.

Read the complete article at “Expert Business Source“. 



Technology Users May 18, 2007

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Are you an Elite Technology User?  33% of the American adult population is, according to a recent PEW/Internet Report on Technology and Media Use.   Here’s how the 33% divides up:  Omnivores (8%), Productivity Enhancers (8%), Lackluster Veterans (8%), and Connectors (7%).

 20% are Middle of the Road Tech Users (Mobile Centrics (10%) and Connnected but Hassled (10%),  and 49% are described as having have few technology assets. 15% of this last group do not have a cell phone or Internet connectivity) .  
See the complete report here.


Yet More Fortune Cookie Wisdom May 1, 2007

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fortune-cookie.jpgOkay, two great fortunes tonight prompted me to share with you, so here they are:

“Believe in your abillities, confidence will lead you on”

“Better to understand little than to misunderstand a lot”