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Technology Predictions–2008 January 2, 2008

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Predictions for 2008 abound.  These technology predictions from Tim Bajarin (Creative Strategies),  PC Magazine,  are worth sharing.  Here they are:

  • Smartphones Get Smarter
  • Flash-based Laptops Arrive
  • Introduction of the “Basic PC”
  • Social Networks Are Targeted by Botnets 
  • Smartphones Become Targets for Viruses and Identity Theft
  • Social Networks Catch On with Corporate Users
  • Little Screens Get Video
  • Corporate IT and Users Demand Green PCs
  • Apple Will Gain Significant New Market Share
  • Technology Spending Could SlowDown

See his complete post at PC Magazine; also at PC Magazine see Lance Ulanoff’s year end review and guesses for 2008 here .  How will these trends affect libraries?   Are we ready? 

 Sharyn Heili


Playing Saves Lives and Libraries November 1, 2007

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San Diego Wildfires

I heard a story on NPR, Morning Edition on how San Diego radio station KPBS used technology to help residents cope with the recent wild fires. While they were forced off the air because of the fire, they used Google’s “My Map” to create a virtual map of Southern California to inform people where shelters were, what areas burned, what roads were closed, and the like. They also used set up a Twitter account to send text messages with updates and posted photos on Flickr.

Where did they learn to do this? In their free time, by playing with the technology “to find the best places to golf and to get a drink” on Google Maps their managing editor said. So they were ready to use it in important and creative ways when they could not broadcast.

How important it is to play and learn, even if you only have 15 minutes a day. And learn; be a life-long learner. Be committed to learning. Don’t accept excuses, not even your own.

We may not have lives to help save in this critical time frame, but we have libraries to save and customers to serve, keep, and grow. How can we use Google Maps, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 technology? How are we? Are we ready?

See a sample of station KPBS’s map here.

Sharyn Heili

Yes to Cookies in the Library July 20, 2007

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No Cookies in the Library – Classic Sesame Street

You can eat all the cookies you want in the Library today Cookie Monster, and drink milk, and read and listen to books and download music, and, and, and…  

Enjoy!   Sharyn Heili

Where Are the Books? June 15, 2007

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BooksI read all types of magazines while on the treadmill and exercise bikes at the gym, and every one one of them, every month, has several columns and reviews of books. From the books Tom Cruise reads, to the books businessmen read, to suggestions for Summer reads by an editor of Good Housekeeping. More than ever before, popular publications and web sites are “talking” about books.

But where are libraries , the book experts, in this scenario? Where are the books in library newsletters, articles, and web sites? Where are the staff recommendations and “books that changed my life” lists. Where is the list that Molly the librarian is reading and I might want to too? Where are the reading lists by librarians in these popular publications and web sites? Sure some library websites and publications sport them, but it’s getting to be less and less as we continue to redefine libraries. Are we not the book experts? Is it not in our professional best interest, and in the interest of a democratic society as a whole, to continue to encourage reading and entice our populous with the best books that are out there?

I think so!

Let us not forget what was, and is still our brand to most people, as we become all that we can be.


Best Marketing and Branding Colors May 20, 2007

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As many libraries are “reinventing” their physical spaces,  this article about the power of color for business by Jim Howard, Heather Kirk and Chris Howard, authors of the book Branded for Success might help.  Here’s an abbreviated list:

  •  White – innocence, purity, peace and contentment; clean and sterile; cool and refreshing; calming, stabilizingJuggling balls influence.
  • Black – power color– strength, potency, authority, boldness, seriousness, stability and elegance; “too much can be ominous”.
  • Gray or Silver – conservative, traditional; symbolizes high tech and suggests authority, practicality, earnestness and creativity.
  • Gold – wealth; very classy.
  • Blue –  sanctuary and fiscal responsibility; inspires confidence; second most powerful color.
  • Red – stimulates appetites, commands attention; “symbolizes heat, fire, blood, love, warmth, power, excitement, energy, strength, passion, vitality, risk, danger and aggressiveness”.
  • Yellow – spiritual color; warning, happiness and warmth. 
  • Green – color of money and nature.; calming,
  • Brown – nature and the earth; warmth and coziness;  richness, politeness, helpfulness;  solid, credible, mature and reliable.
  • Orange – vibrancy, warmth and contentment; sense of fun and excitement; health, pleasure, cheer, endurance, generosity and ambition. 
  • Pink –  feminine color; gentleness, romance, well being and innocence.
  • Purple – royalty and luxury; spirituality and sophistication;  in lavender shades-feminine and romantic.

Read the complete article at “Expert Business Source“. 


Technology Users May 18, 2007

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Are you an Elite Technology User?  33% of the American adult population is, according to a recent PEW/Internet Report on Technology and Media Use.   Here’s how the 33% divides up:  Omnivores (8%), Productivity Enhancers (8%), Lackluster Veterans (8%), and Connectors (7%).

 20% are Middle of the Road Tech Users (Mobile Centrics (10%) and Connnected but Hassled (10%),  and 49% are described as having have few technology assets. 15% of this last group do not have a cell phone or Internet connectivity) .  
See the complete report here.


Are you Sure That You Want to Be a Librarian? April 23, 2007

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I just have to share this video. Hope you get get a kick out of of it too.  Watch out;  the theme song is catchy.  Enjoy!


ChaCha April 9, 2007

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 the “people powered search” tool. 

If you haven’t discovered ChaCha yet take a look.  After performing a search,  it offers you help searching with a live guide (search expert) who chats with you and offers suggestions for finding what you’re looking for.  

Sound familiar?   And the other cool thing about ChaCha is that you get to rate your search guide at the end.  How many of us would want our customers/patrons to do that?  And how many libraries are offering live chat help with questions/information seeking?   How many libraries can compete with search tools like this on the Web?  Are librarians “people powered search engines? Can we compete?  How?

See ChaCha here.


Movers and Shakers Media Diet March 26, 2007

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Library Journal Movers and Shakers Library Journal’s  March 15 issue includes “Movers and Shakers 2007”—people who are shaping the future of librares.  A list of what they are reading, viewing, and experimenting with is included.  Their varied selections are more inclusive than just library literature–Fast Company magazine, The Tao of Leadership, Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers, Lessons from the Nordstrom Way, Audacity of Hope, Power of Reading, Small is the New Big, Convergence Culture, Telling Ain’t Training, Ten Faces of Innovation, Googlepedia, Windows Vista (the Missing Manual), national public radio, and the virtual world of Second Life are among their interests.

What we expose our minds to engages us and opens our creativity—helps us think outside the box, and challenges and leads us in new directions so that we can be a Mover and Shaker at our library.  Feast on the complete “Movers’ Media Diet” here.


Sign About Town March 26, 2007

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