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Where Are the Books? June 15, 2007

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BooksI read all types of magazines while on the treadmill and exercise bikes at the gym, and every one one of them, every month, has several columns and reviews of books. From the books Tom Cruise reads, to the books businessmen read, to suggestions for Summer reads by an editor of Good Housekeeping. More than ever before, popular publications and web sites are “talking” about books.

But where are libraries , the book experts, in this scenario? Where are the books in library newsletters, articles, and web sites? Where are the staff recommendations and “books that changed my life” lists. Where is the list that Molly the librarian is reading and I might want to too? Where are the reading lists by librarians in these popular publications and web sites? Sure some library websites and publications sport them, but it’s getting to be less and less as we continue to redefine libraries. Are we not the book experts? Is it not in our professional best interest, and in the interest of a democratic society as a whole, to continue to encourage reading and entice our populous with the best books that are out there?

I think so!

Let us not forget what was, and is still our brand to most people, as we become all that we can be.